Who am I? The full extent of who I am will unfold in the pages of this site. But let me introduce myself and give you a general idea.


My name is Willard Paul, but I prefer to be called Bill. I am one of the last of the “war babies,” having been born late in 1945. That makes me an old geezer, as I am now in my 76th year. I entered this world in Jamaica. That’s Jamaica, New York, not the one in the British West Indies. At the time, my family was living in Brooklyn,NY, but we soon moved out on Long Island to a little town (at that time) called Seldon. From there we moved to Reading, Pennsylvania and, after a few years, to Rochester, New York. I spent the greater part of my childhood in Rochester.

 After high school I joined the Navy and served on four submarines. I ended up on the West Coast after a few years, got discharged in November, 1972; married Mary Ann Whited of Vallejo, California the following May, and immediately moved back to Rochester.  After spending four years in New York my wife and I returned to the West Coast where we spent the remainder of our nearly forty-year marriage.

Mary died in October of 2012 and I remarried the following August. I now live in Woodland, Washington with my wife Merla. That’s a quick overview of well over 70 years of living, but you’ll find more details added as time goes on.